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Nicole van Hattem – My Mission

My mission is to help you and millions of people around the world to Think, Eat and Thrive, enjoying businesses and lives filled with unlimited success. 

I am grateful you are here. This is where you can learn to elevate the way you think and eat so you can THRIVE and not just survive in business and in life.

What you’ll discover:
– powerful yet simple thought techniques to support a healthy mindset and unlimit your potential
– recipes to give you more energy, mental clarity, fuel your body and free up your time, along with nutritional information to make better choices
– coaching tips, tools and support as you begin to make changes that you are ready for and that will make the world of difference to your level of success in your business and life

Combining over two decades of corporate experience, with board certification as a holistic health coach, skills as a Master NLP practitioner and a wealth of practical life experience, I work with people just like you who are ready to elevate their thinking, upgrade their food styles and embrace the unlimited opportunities to thrive.


I’ve had my own journey in which I morphed from a highflying corporate executive to a self-driven entrepreneur. Overworked and stressed with a number of health issues, I decided to make a change in my life in 2009 and soon discovered the secrets to holistic health and sustainable success. (work with me here on your own transformation)

It is my purpose in this life to share this knowledge with you and all who want to master simple, effective ways to embrace unlimited success in business and in life. (watch my TEDx talk here)

Enjoy the various free resources on this site, subscribe to the Hot & Healthy podcast, join my team, take advantage of the Clean Up options and if you are ready to Thrive and not just survive, then I invite you to apply for the Secrets to Success program.

Whichever ways you choose to Think Eat Thrive, I am grateful you are here.

Nicole van Hattem HHC/AADP, AFAIM, CAHRI

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