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Now is the time to light your fire.
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Which path to success will you choose?

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You are ready

Now is the time to stop looking for answers elsewhere.
Now is the time to be here and nourish your spark, with thoughts, foods and success strategies that will remove the dimmer switch, light your fire and empower you to be hot and healthy in business and in life.

I am fabulous and so are you!

So why do you dial yourself down? Why do you hold yourself back from being truly fabulous and sharing your light with the world? How did the dimmer switch get installed?

Dialed down?

Who benefits from you living a life less than full force

Dialed up!

Who benefits from you living your most vibrant self

And what would happen in the world if we were all living our lives fully dialed up, loving our minds, our bodies, our businesses, our life purpose?

Have you taken time to ask yourself these questions and contemplate the answers?
Perhaps somewhere in the rare quiet space in your hectic life you’ve been getting some clues that you need to ask yourself these questions.
You might even be someone like I was, working hard to fill your days and nights with work, with relationships, with food, drama and struggles, travel, study and achievements, in order to distract yourself from yourself.

My desire to avoid the questions from myself and to fire myself up from the light of others has taken me on many adventures, all over the world, down dark lonely alleyways, through palaces and hovels, and into crowded boardrooms with cold harsh artificial light. Eventually I ran out of places to run and places to hide. I burned out at the top of my corporate career and when I burned out again as a successful wellness entreprenuer, I stopped.

NVH_SocialMediaImages12-2In the stillness I finally saw the little spark of fire in me. Deeply buried under the rubble that I had pilled inside to fill my dark empty space, it had struggled to stay alive but waited patiently in the dark for me to be ready. At that point I knew that now was the time to clear away the debris of overwork, overweight, overwhelm. Now was the time to breathe new life into the fire, fan the flames, flood my inner space with light, so that I could shine brightly and illuminate the path for others.

If any of this resonates with you, then I want you to know right now that it’s OK to hear the questions rise up from within, to not have the answers yet, to trust that all will be ok and that you are wiser, more powerful, more valuable than you could ever have known before and you are worthy, safe and in the right place right now.

Believe in yourself and be guided.

Work with me and I will show you how to light your own path forward into a more vibrant version of yourself, with holistic health and sustainable success strategies.

Nicole van Hattem HHC, AFAIM, CAHRI
“I am the light that invites discovery and ignites the spark”


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